Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I do better when …

I spot-check my weight a couple of times during the week.
I've tried three methods for dealing with the scales so far: daily, 3x/week and 1x/week, and the 3x/week seems to work best for me. Daily weighing, I think, will be the method of choice once I get to goal. (Notice I said when and not if.)

I stick with one or two basic, no-brainer, fill-you-up breakfasts.
My husband is the exact opposite. Breakfast makes him hungry and he eats all day long. If I don't have a decent breakfast, I end up eating all day long. My go-to breakfasts are 
         a) a green smoothie,
         b) an English muffin with a sliced avocado and two poached eggs
         c) oatmeal with apple, cinnamon and brown sugar.

I exercise every day.
One reason the yoga and weight training haven't worked out for me is, I believe, I don't do either of them daily. My schedule calls for doing each discipline twice a week. I have it on the calendar, just like you're supposed to, and a pop-up reminder pops up to remind me right on schedule. I've only missed a couple days of walking/elliptical training because I do one or the other every day. I even take a walk on Monday, my scheduled rest day. Mostly because I like doing it. I'm going to temporarily quit worrying about yoga and weight-training. It's guilt-inflicting, and I don't need that right now (or ever).

I drink lots of water.
One thing I noted when we went away a couple weekends ago is that I drank a lot of water waiting for restaurant meals to be served, and I drank a lot of water with my meals. I think I'll start drinking water out of a Mason jar, just for the heck of it, to see if that might help me up my intake of H2O.

I don't snack.
If I eat three healthful squares a day, I'm not hungry between meals. If I skip breakfast, or eat a skimpy lunch or dinner, I'm scrounging around for food mid-afternoon or in the evening, usually a less-than-nutritious choice. Also, if I eat a snack in the afternoon, I'm not really hungry for dinner but I eat it anyway, since it's the only meal my husband and I share. And a light evening meal guarantees I will eat again in the evening, something I try never to do. When I begin thinking about food in the evening, I often just go to bed and read to banish those thoughts.

I check in with you.
Had I not published my intentions, lo these many weeks ago, you wouldn't have a clue what I was up to weight-wise and you wouldn't care. As it is, I report, you read and comment and I feel supported. 
And for that, I thank you very much.

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