Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not as knowledgeable as I thought I was

Just finished taking a couple interactive online quizzes designed to determine how much you know about portions and exercise and calories, oh my. The idea is to compare current food items with similar choices from 20 years ago.

A shout-out to Danne for finding the quizzes and sharing them on her blog, 12 Months of Lent.

The National Institutes of Health decided it would probably be too disheartening to give you your score at the end, and I didn't keep track as I was going through the questions, but I was surprised at how many of these I got wrong. I thought I knew my calories in/calories out.

Apparently not.

I did better at figuring out how many calories various activities burn, but comparing a box of movie popcorn from the 20th century to the 21st-century tub? Not so much.

One of the activities illustrated was washing the car. Who hand-washes their car any more? You run it through the car wash or (this would be me) take a drive in the rain. I think I'll start washing the car in the driveway, like my dad used to do in the olden days. At least during the warmer months. IF IT EVER GETS WARM AGAIN. I can burn a couple hundred calories and save ten bucks at the same time. (And since we have a well, it won't raise my water bill.)

Anyway, taking the quiz will enlighten and entertain you, for a few minutes, anyway. And looking at the way portion sizes have evolved over the last two decades is a BIG CLUE to one cause of the obesity epidemic.

Calories count. Portion sizes count. Danne is exploring this topic all month. I'm tuned in and already learning a lot. Especially about what I don't know.


Xiomara | Equis Place said...

Oy! Looks like I have a lot to learn as well! Eating well is just so hard for me. Good of your for being proactive about it!

wendy said...

I haven't taken the quiz, but I wanted to let you know that we Floridians hand-wash (and wax) our cars at one of those coin operated places. The fiance (ohhh, so funny to write that) constantly makes friends with the other car washers and their modified japanese race cars.

denise said...

Coincidentally, I was reading an article in a Consumer Reports magazine last night that cited a survey of more than 1,000 people where over 50% said they're rather do taxes than figure out what foods to eat or not eat. So I would say you are likely in very good company (and I'm sure I'm with you - just haven't taken the quiz to prove it).