Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Keepin' it short and sweet today, and a giveaway!

'Cause it's a work day. And 'cause I need to walk before work, which means, um, SOON!

Pop over to Aud the Broad's blog and leave a comment and you might be a winner. There's one condition: You have to promise, if you enter, that you'll pay it forward. Audrey's celebrating her 100th post by giving three commenters a handmade treat, to be delivered sometime before the end of the year.

Since I entered her giveaway, here's my offer to you:

I really, really need to reduce the number of knitting books and yarn around the ol' shanty here. To benefit from my excess, leave a comment on any blog post between now and midnight Eastern time on Sunday, April 29.

I'll choose three commenters' names on Monday morning. You'll each receive a knitting book AND yarn. My books are used, but not defaced or tattered. My yarn is stored in a cedar-lined closet in a smoke-free environment.

For the pay it forward part, well, you're on your own. I realize a lot of my readers don't blog, so asking you to do the same thing isn't going to work. But how about this? Next time you go through a toll booth, pay for the vehicle behind you. (I love doing this!) Or drop a dozen muffins off at your local fire station. Hand-deliver a cold iced tea on a warm afternoon to the traffic volunteer at your kid's school.

Help me out here, what are some other "pay it forward" ideas? You could even leave a comment and, if you don't knit, pay your book-and-yarn prize forward to the local senior center or charity knitting group or 4-H club.

Let's do it.


Rosie said...

Well you KNOW I don't need more yarn, but a pay it forward idea I've done is to take all those odd balls, even tiny little balls, to my local nursing home. They have a lady who crochets and she will use anything she can get her hands on. I'm sure she's through everything I dropped off last year and I need to get another trash bap full to her soon.

Vickie said...

high school group makes charity something or the other with yarn. so if you are ever having a massive clean out, you can send any NON wool yarn that you like to me and I will pass it on for you.