Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The heck with giveaways

Who knew all I had to do was CHANGE MY DIET to get tons o'comments? Heh.

Thank you all for weighing in (sorry, couldn't help myself on that one) on my adventures in paleo eating. If you haven't read gingerzingi's rant from a couple days ago, it's well worth reading and it was yet another piece of evidence convincing me that I'm doing what's right for me. I'm still at the convincing-myself stage, but I certainly agree with her that no one can or has or, probably, will agree on what causes obesity and what we as a nation can do about it. As Forrest Gump's mama might say, "Healthy is as healthy does."

And I'm certainly NOT trying to convince you that you should do this, as well. I'm a "live-and-let-live" kinda gal.

My favorite gingerzingi quote is "I think you DO have to be your own science experiment," which she wrote in a comment after I whined about not wanting to be one. That really made me think. Following the conventional wisdom of calories in/calories out (without restricting any food groups) for nearly four months netted a seven-pound loss. Any loss is better than none, I'll grant you that, but that was a heck of a lot of work for very little reward.

Vickie wondered what I used to eat that I now don't eat. Um, dairy, legumes, grains and sugar, which is pretty much what Whole30 prescribes. What I do eat that I didn't used to eat are nitrate-free bacon and fried eggs for breakfast. Almost. Every. Day. Would I love slapping it on a big slab of whole-wheat toast smeared with avocado? You betcha. But I've been quite satisfied without the bread.

(I eat avocados occasionally, when Tiny Kroger stocks the not-quite-ripe ones. I don't buy mushy avocados, which is what's usually available.)

I eat protein and vegetables, and more fruit than I did before. Wearing dentures makes it very difficult to snack on crudités, so I'm glad the cavemen invented fire. I wouldn't make it on a raw diet, that's for sure. I've been keeping it pretty simple so far, but I bought a cookbook called Well Fed, which has some good ideas for adding variety to the menu plan, and the internets are full of paleo-friendly recipes.

This is one of my favorites, using almond butter instead of peanut butter.

After finishing Saturday's 5K as a walker because I was afraid of being the last runner in, I waffled about telling you my next bit of news. I wasn't the last runner; I watched the last ones cross the line, and I was disappointed in myself for not manning up and wearing a number.

Because of the self-knowledge gained from that experience and because I can, apparently, lose weight after all, sometimes, somehow, I joined a diet bet.

Jen inspired me as she worked through the first iteration of MyFitspiration. At this point I'm looking for anything that will kick my ass, and I commented to her that I'd probably jump in for the next one. Enter MyFitspiration TWO!, which begins today. In order to win back my stakes, I need to lose 7.5 pounds by May 28. Prior to paleo, I would have said, "No. Freakin'. Way."

Now, though, I think it might-maybe-could be possible. The most I could lose is 25 bucks.

And maybe a few more pounds.


jen said...

I started blogging with a politics blog, and when I started my YAWWBLOG, I thought no one would read it! Because who would want to read about someone else's diet? No one ever really seemed to read ToledoLefty, but everyone had something to say about what I was eating. It makes me chuckle to think I believed anyone would want to read my left-moderate political thoughts.

Glad you joined in on DietBet. I really find it more inspiring than I expected. So yes, I guess I'm doing my own experiment.

I have been shifting away from process foods but in a more gradual way. It's all about finding your own comfort zone. I am doing more meatless meals so legumes are important in my diet. They don't seem to give me trouble. But I'm glad you are feeling energized and healthy.

Debbi said...

I read Toledo Lefty! I felt right at home there. =) When I look at all the jars of beans and lentils in my pantry, I can only hope they won't give me problems when they're reintroduced. Otherwise, I see a large donation to a good cause in my future.