Sunday, May 26, 2013

A very good day

Turning 62 was just fine. My children and grandchildren all called and sang to me, my brother and sister both wished me a happy day, my husband and mother-in-law included generous checks in their cards, my son sent THREE cookbooks – all of the garden-to-table variety, and dinner out with friends (smoked chicken and roasted green beans) was delightful. (Well, the service could have been better, but the company and the food couldn't be beat!)

I miss my dad and his goofy cards and gifts (the most memorable was a set of three silly little garden gnomes, to "guard" my garden).

THANK YOU for all your good wishes. I hope your next birthday is as lovely as mine was.

After walking 7.2 miles Friday (in honor of Bob Dylan's 72nd birthday), my husband and I knocked out 6.2 (actually went a little over) yesterday. The pace was a bit slower than the previous day, and I had to remind myself that – especially here in southern West Virginia – not many 62-year-olds would even attempt walking that far. I'm so very grateful I can still manage to put one foot in front of the other for six or seven miles at a time.

I also got the weeds out of the very messy herb bed. It was too windy to till the vegetable garden, but it looks like today will be a good day for that. I might have a harvest this summer after all.

The DietBet ends Tuesday, and I'm definitely going to get my money back. 1805 players have now lost more than 8000 pounds and the winners will split a total pot of $45,150. I needed to lose 7.5 pounds, and am currently (as of yesterday) down 12.5. That's simply astonishing to me. Amazing. ASTOUNDING!

Who needs cake? Not me, thanks. Heh.


Vickie said...

Those look like they might be whole foods cookbooks, that might have things in them you can actually eat - ? I suppose it all depends on what they add to the whole foods. . . (I stay away from most cookbooks 100%.)

Very glad you had a good day. It sounds great. Big plans for your checks? I sort of smiled at your husband giving you a check (maybe you two keep everything separate, so he really WAS giving you a check).

Very glad things are going well for you. (My honest suggestion is to just keep going and not rock the boat by trying to change anything or add anything back to your food rotation. If you have momentum, mentally, chemically, then just keep going all the way to the end.)

Winnie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Sounds like a perfect one! I love the way you paid homage to Dylan, my hubby gave you double thumbs up for that! Sounds like you are doing great!