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About smoothies … and then about some more stuff

Since I haven't read It Starts With Food, I can't say whether I might change my mind about consuming a smoothie now and again. I have no trouble consuming them now, if the calories are in the bank. Since I don't use whey protein powder, I think of a smoothie as a treat or dessert, rather than a meal. I've only made a couple since April 6, one green and one fruit, and I used coconut milk for the liquid. That said, I dumped my remaining homemade almond milk into an ice cube tray and will use it for future concoctions.

Sharon's comment nudged me into adding the book to my Kindle library. I didn't revamp my menu for any other reason than to lose weight. As both of you know, I've tried every weight-loss plan under the sun, for most of my life, and been marginally successful only a couple of times. I say marginally because the two times I was able to achieve what looked like normal on the scale lasted about three years each time, and then the weight returned.

I must have thought I was cured.

The authors of ISWF ask:
What if you could increase your energy, sleep better, improve your mood and lose weight - permanently? 
What if you could break the unhealthy cycle of food cravings, indulgence and guilt - forever?
 What if you could naturally change your tastes, so the foods you love to eat are the same foods that make you healthier?
And what if you could eliminate the symptoms of your medical condition - just by changing the food you put on your plate? 
Just one of those issues was on my list. I printed ONLY the shopping list .pdf from their website. I didn't do any other research. I plunged ahead based solely on the experience of friends and my utter frustration after three and a half months of creating significant daily and weekly calorie deficits and losing just seven pounds. I know how to cook. I figured with the right ingredients available and the willingness to commit for 30 days, I would just see what happened.


Nothing else had, why should this?

Because I had no hope, I didn't write about it here on the blog for three weeks. It didn't even take 30 days to convince me of the benefits, based solely on my one desire, which was to lose weight.

I haven't been able to drop pounds like this since I was a much younger woman with a much more efficient metabolism.

So what else has happened? I might be sleeping better in general, but I still have a night or two, here and there, when sleep is elusive. I haven't seen the big spike in energy that most people do. My mood has not improved. In fact, I might be a little bitchier than normal. You could ask my husband about that for clarification. (I think this mood thing has more to do with outside life circumstances than with my food consumption.)

On the plus side, my hip pain is gone. I was seriously considering asking my doctor for an orthopedic consult, thinking I needed a hip replacement. I don't crave sugar. Not. At. All. Vegetables, formerly tolerable and necessary, are now delicious, and something to look forward to.

I do not write all this now to convince you. I'm not a shill for Whole30 (although I get a couple pennies from Amazon if you purchase the book through the above link). Everything I write on the blog is for me, and if something I do strikes your fancy, I'm here to support you. But I'm really supporting myself.

There will come a time when I get tired of this, if history is any indication. I don't think straying from the plan for, say, a celebration will be detrimental. I'm having a birthday party for my granddaughter in July. If I thought a piece of her cake would kill me, I'd decline. But I don't, and I won't. I don't want my life to revolve around what I can and cannot eat. I'll do my best, of course, but a happy life does, sometimes, include cake!

Just not now. And should that piece of future cake lead to daily smoothies, I hope I remember to come back here and read this post and remind myself of the goal.

Which is no longer just weight loss.


jen said…
I wonder which thing that you eliminated was causing you pain. It would be great to know what you really need to avoid and where you can loosen the restrictions (if they feel restrictive).

Maybe it's the weight loss -- fat itself is inflammatory, and every pound you lose is a lot of stress off the joints.

I was carrying my nephew downstairs yesterday. He weighs about 20-25 pounds, and I thought, this is how much I want to lose. He's big, and it's hard to imagine that I could take his entire weight off my body in fat. Also, that extra weight down the stairs really hurt!
Diandra said…
I am still looking for the thing that works. I was losing weight the traditional way (eat healthier, eat less, work out more), and then I hit a plateau about 2/3 through and stayed there no matter what. When I realized I was starting to truly obsess, I put away the manuals and the scale and ate what I wanted for half a year, regaining 12kg (of the 15 I had lost). Recently my head has been in a better place again, and I intend to find a way of eating that will keep me healthy and enjoying life and maybe help me lose some weight, but I can see everyday what pathological eating patterns have done to the colleague on the desk opposite mine, and I do not want to go there.

Having said that, I may or may not try incorporating parts of the whole paleo thing (although their "historical" claims are ridiculous). The things that have not worked for me in the past are low-carb (constipation, bad mood), vegan (lack of energy, gassy) and raw (stomach cramps), but I have learned a little bit from everything I have tried.

(Best lesson: Eat more vegetables.)
Vickie said…
If a piece of cake, can be, just A piece of cake, great. I have things like that I eat once or twice a year. I have seen people have that one piece of cake turn into months/years of non-food/junk. The difference between addiction and choice I guess.
gingerzingi said…
Happy Bob Dylan's birthday! That's worth a piece of cake.

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