Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back to work

Sometimes I feel like a kid again. Like when I leave later this morning for my part-time summer job. Heh.

And sometimes I feel like such an old lady. Like when I didn't sleep well and need to get a lot of stuff done today. Beginning with a four-mile walk.

Blog, walk, work, bank, grocery, home, pack, make dinner, sleep-sleep-sleep (hopefully better than last night!), wake up tomorrow and boogie on down the road.

That's the plan anyway. AA suggests that you plan the plans, not the results. That's worked out pretty well for me over the years. Cuts down dramatically on the disappointment factor.

I've no great pearls of wisdom to share this morning, and may or may not write while I'm gone.

I'm not even planning that plan!


gingerzingi said...

"Plan the plans, not the results" IS a pearl of wisdom. Thanks for posting it.

I know that's a hard concept for most of us, because we're taught that we're supposed to have GOALS. In the movies everyone has a Rockyesque victory, and they never show what happens when someone can't achieve their goals. We have no role models for defeat.

denise said...

Sleep has been elusive here in PA for both me and my mother the last few days. I'm blaming it on the full moon - and hoping it is waning enough today that we'll sleep better tonight!

I'm also looking at a product a friend of mine has recommended a few times. It's called a BedFan - allows you to set up a fan under your covers to keep you cool at night. She swears by it, and I might be at a point where I'm willing to give it a try.

Have a great trip.

Vickie said...

I am trying to picture the fan under the covers.

"AA suggests that you plan the plans, not the results." Truly a great quote.

denise said...

Vickie - I had the same reaction the first time she told me about it, but check it out on this website:

I'm thinking it might work better than my ceiling fan, and it's not terribly expensive, all things considered, so I'm seriously thinking of giving it a shot!