Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baking. What a concept.

It's been a while since I've busted out the hand mixer here in the cave. Anything I've had to smoosh together since April 6 has been mixed with a spoon or a whisk. But since I didn't wake up FAMISHED this morning and since I had everything I needed to make this … well, let's just say the oven is on and there's a loaf pan full of a banana breadlike substance in it.

(I crack myself up. I guess "banana breadlike" is better than "foodlike," right?)

It comes out of the oven 25 minutes from now. Ten minutes to cool, then breakfast!

The finished loaf, which somewhat
resembles a breakfast bread.
It's not exactly a nutritional powerhouse of a morning meal, with five times as much fat and four times as many carbs as protein. (Yes, I'm a geek and entered the entire recipe into my LoseIt! app. I'm still logging every morsel that passes my lips, a practice I began in earnest – again – December 26.) The recipe doesn't say how many servings it yields, so I picked six out of the air, knowing that a loaf pan usually makes 12 slices and if it's good I'll eat a couple. It comes out to 247 calories per serving, not slice. I'll add some bacon to significantly reduce the carb count and slightly increase the protein.

I don't think most folks following a primal/paleo eating plan count calories or worry too much about macronutrients. Since I am, at this time, using this way of eating for weight loss – with some great unexpected side benefits – I think it's important FOR ME to keep journaling my food and tweaking the numbers.

For someone who naively wanted to just eat less and move more and watch the weight drop off last December, without turning the whole process into A Job, I've pretty much done a 180 and turned this paleo stuff into a JOB. But, like I said, the benefits are good, and the weight is finally dropping off. While eating like this goes against the grain (cracking myself up AGAIN!) sometimes, it does seem to be working.

Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, right?


Vickie said...

Have you tried protein powder? Is that on your yes list? Because that can be a very helpful way to shift the percentages.

Debbi said...

I would think protein powder would be a processed food, and paleo suggests choosing whole foods whenever possible. I'm not really too concerned about the percentages at this point. Just noting them.

Vickie said...

I saw your AA notes on the post on Mother's Day. So, I know you are not going to make the banana bread regularly. But my point with the percentages and the protein powder is that it will help hold your blood sugar better, so it does not plummet and you do not have the cravings (as much). I am taking about the insulin factor (which impacts weight and wants).

Vickie said...

Paleo IS percentages, in my opinion. They have very cleverly constructed a list to keep it all in line, without having to overly calculate. For those who were eating huge percentage of their intake in form of carbs, it levels everything out by simply following the list.