Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From the ridiculous to the sublime

So. Yesterday voters in South Carolina's 1st District elected former SC Governor Mark Sanford – the one who "hiked" the Appalachian Trail – to represent them in Congress. How very classy. And ridiculous. The next time I hear the Republicans chant "family values" I will laugh. my. ass. off.

And then there's Charles, the Cleveland fellow who helped rescue those three young women. You've surely heard of Charles Ramsey by now. When asked about the reward money for helping find Amanda Berry, he said to give it to the women. How classy is that? And sublime.

My heart is singing this morning for Charles Ramsey and others like him. Because he is not alone, there are Charles Ramseys in my neighborhood, and yours, men and women who would not think twice about helping someone who needed help.

Or giving away money they didn't earn.

The astute among you (that would be both of you!) will note this post is being published between 7 and 8 a.m. on Wednesday, when I said I would be walking prior to going to work. Well, it is raining, raining, raining, the third straight day of almost constant rain. The Greenbrier River will probably reach minor flood stage today, the same Greenbrier River that flows behind the garden center.

I'm actually anticipating being told not to come in, unless we have to move things to higher ground. I don't think the nursery is in danger, but the road to the prison, which also runs along the Greenbrier River, is probably closed by now.

I'm not sure a flood is either ridiculous OR sublime. It is what it is. It's keeping me inside this morning, but the weather-in-motion radar shows clear skies (or at least not raining skies) this afternoon.

One elliptical workout this week is plenty.


gingerzingi said...

I can't take much more of this rain! The only thing that saves my sanity is being thankful it's not snowing.

"A faded flower from days gone by" on yesterday's post - that's from Delta Dawn, no?

denise said...

Just left several days of almost constant - and often heavy - rain in the ATL, only to arrive in PA to the start of several more days of rain... :-(

On the bright side, the lakes around Atlanta are a full pool for the first time in years, so after several years of fairly severe drought conditions, it is not a bad thing to get rain. And, I'm hoping they continue to get at least a little bit of rain every few days to keep my garden thriving until my friend who normally waters when I'm out of town returns from her own trip next week.

Also, everyone here in PA is saying they've had very dry conditions lately and are also glad for the rain. So, even though I dislike more than an occasional rainy day, I guess it's good in the overall scheme of things.

Hope flooding stays minor and the weather clears well enough for you to get out this afternoon!

Debbi said...

Bingo! Yes, the reference was to Delta Dawn. My husband has recently added it to his piano repertoire, so I hear it just about every day.