Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'd give it two thumbs up …

but my other hand is busy stuffing banana bread into my mouth!

Seriously, the bread was moist and delicious, and something I'll definitely make again. Glad I'm not allergic to coconut. And wishing I could grow them (of course)! But then I'd have to learn how to make flour and oil out of them and seriously? Some things are better left to others. Coconut processors gotta make a living, too, right?

However, I don't plan on making it often. In AA, when one of our triggers smacks us in the face (a whiff of wine, an image of a foam-covered beer stein), we call the feeling we get "euphoric recall." It's not a good thing, and chowing down on banana bread gives me a little bit of that feeling. I would love for food to be fuel, without any feelings attached to it. Does banana bread taste better than bacon and eggs? Yeah, sure. Is it as beneficial for my body? I would say probably not. And I can almost guarantee I'm going to be very hungry when lunchtime rolls around.

So Happy Mother's Day (here in the U.S.), whether your children have two legs or four. Or fins, for that matter. We're taking my husband's mother out for lunch today, to a big buffet at a nearby state park which is famous for its big buffets. The menu includes many good choices for me, and I don't anticipate having to make any tough decisions going through the line.

My first DietBet weigh-in was on a Sunday, and I've logged my progress on the game website each Sunday since. As of this morning I have half a pound to go to get my money back. Seven pounds GONE in two weeks. That. Is. The. BOMB! My non-DietBet weigh-in day is tomorrow. This morning the total was 21. I hope it stays the same for one more day. And then continues to go down, week after week, until I need to learn some maintenance techniques.

Because THAT is always the issue. If you've ever lost and gained and lost and gained and lost and gained, you know losing is possible and gaining is inevitable. Or at least I do. What I don't know is how to make it stay lost.

My guess is it has something to do with continuing to do what works. Heh. For me, that would be almost-daily intentional activity and a reasonable amount of whole, healthful food. It would also mean eliminating sugar, probably eliminating wheat and possibly eliminating legumes and dairy. The jury is out, of course, until I begin adding those items back into my meals.

But with just a half a pound to go on the bet, I don't think this is the time to experiment.


Vickie said...

Weight loss is practice for maintenance, maintenance is pretty much identical to weight loss.

I am sure you are already gone to your event, but I will think this out there anyway - We went to a carry in earlier in the week.

I happened to take salads for my husband and I. Not saying that is what you should have done today.

But adding this part - when we were done with our salads my husband went through the 'line' and got fruit for me. (1 cup, real fruit).

And honestly, I think that might be what I do from now on (carry in events).

My husband is not in charge of my food, but he knows what I eat and can choose wisely. I kind of enjoyed not even seeing the tables full of 'food'.

happy mother's day.

Vickie said...

Loved the AA paragraph, added it to my side bar collection.

wendy said...

The great thing about maintenance is that I get to enjoy the result of all of my hard work. And, if my mindset is focused, I can go to any restaurant, buffet or party without any concern about the other food being served. I would never exert so much energy exercising and eating well if I still felt like I was trapped with a body or mind that missed out on joyful experiences because my brain was overly concerned with the food available to be eaten.