Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's unofficial

Thank you ALL for your super supportive comments on my progress. I still have a long way to go. Anyone looking at me would certainly say, "Oh, what a pretty face. But she really needs to lose some weight." <snort!> HOWEVER, as I mentioned to a friend and to my husband, I see possibility where I haven't been able to see it in a very long time.

The DietBet ends today, but I haven't received weigh-out instructions yet. I reported Sunday that I'd lost 14 pounds during the duration of the bet. That's been corrected to 12.5, as I forgot to account for 1.5 pounds of clothing.

Now you know. I weigh myself NEKKID!

Anyway. I know if you achieve your goal you have to upload pictures and I want to make sure all my ducks are lined up before I take the pictures, but I was pretty excited to step on the scale this morning and drop one more pound. Unofficially. Of course, the scale fluctuates hourly sometimes. (ASK ME HOW I KNOW! Heh) The important thing is I lost the weight and won the bet. Yay, me!

The DailyMile widget updates here on the blog every time I update my progress. It's at 450 miles as of yesterday, so I continue to make progress with the 1000-mile walking goal, as well.

One of my chores yesterday was laundry. So, those linen slacks I mentioned that I was going to have altered? The label said they were linen and rayon. Laundering instructions were for cold water wash/hang to dry. I took a leap of faith and sacrificed one pair to a warm water wash and then I threw them in the dryer.
The lighter pair is a good 3.5 inches smaller than the darker pair.
And they're not tight around my waist at all. Wonder how much a
tailor would have charged to alter them? I probably saved enough
money to add another pair of linen slacks to the closet. Heh.
Perfect fit. I tell you what, when your stars are aligned, everything works out for the best.

One thing I'm having trouble with is keeping up with the work involved in maintaining a house and yard AND putting in the time it takes to take a long daily walk. (It's all about priorities. OH, YES IT IS.) Yesterday I rested a bit after lunch and then forced myself to get up and work a little more on the herb bed. I planted sage, basil, parsley and bronze fennel. The well-established lemon balm is spreading like wildfire, but I just didn't have the energy to attack it with the hoe. That will be a job for another day.

Since I'm going to Tennessee in a couple days, I'm not even going to worry about planting the rest of the vegetable garden until I get back. I think all I'm going to do are tomatoes and squashes this year. Maybe some peppers. The onions are doing well; can't say as much for the cabbages and kale I planted earlier.

Sometimes gardening can be discouraging. The first year I put one in, the deer didn't know it was here. Now they look forward to their evening smorgasbord, despite the electric fencing. Nothing fazes them.

Perhaps I need to brush up on my shooting skills. Bambi bologna, anyone?


jen said...

Congratulations! You are a DietBet champ! I still am a little over, but I have one more day to eat lightly and hope for the best.

If you enter a weight under the goal, I think you will be sent instructions for the photos.

Debbi said...

As I suspected, my early morning weight and my official photos are not the same. No matter. Ended up with a 12-pound loss for the bet. Thanks again for inviting me to play. And I hope your results after a day of mindful eating are win-worthy, as well!

Lynne Postlethwaite Larsen said...

Great job, my girl! We'll have to start back walking together when I get back from CA.