Thursday, May 2, 2013

Much, MUCH better

My husband only checked my blood pressure/heart rate twice yesterday. He seemed satisfied when all the numbers were where he thought they should be.

I worked at the garden center in the morning, then came home to do laundry, mow the front yard and fix dinner. I'd say that's as normal as it gets. I didn't get through the seed inventory. YET.

Jen, we thought about a medication issue, but the only one I take is Lasix and I don't take it every day. The last time I took it was Sunday. And I eat a banana or an orange every day, so my potassium levels are probably good. The blood work appointment is a week from today … we shall see. (Jen just posted a great review of Jen Larsen's [aka Anne of Elastic Waist] new book Stranger Here. Lots of great insights about body image related to weight loss, among other things.)

Gingerzingi thinks I'm pregnant. HAH! What a disaster that would be! I can't even imagine it. But thanks, G, for your congratulations.

You are all so kind and caring and thoughtful. Thanks. Just … thanks.

On tap for today is more of the same. Work in the morning, mow the back yard in the afternoon, more laundry. My husband is fixing dinner tonight (yay for him!).

Have you noticed the dearth of walk reports this week? Yeah, me, too. This may turn out to be the shortest mileage week of the year. We're traveling and visiting family (the triplets are turning FIVE!) all day Saturday, so no opportunity there. Then again, if I can knock out six miles both Friday and Sunday, I'll have a decent week. I'd hoped to step it up a bit during DietBet, but maybe it's best to just keep life as normal as possible.

The sky is so pretty this morning I don't know which direction to point the camera. I picked this one, finally, because it has those beautiful sky-blue-pink clouds my mother always loved. Have a good day, friends. I'm grateful for all of you.

Good morning, good morning, good morning, YEAH!


jen said...

Glad you're feeling better! Thanks for the kind words on the review.

denise said...

Grateful right back atcha! And really glad you're better.