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Wasted time.

Or waisted time, maybe.

I just found the program I used in 2012 to track my food and weight-loss progress. I weighed essentially the same in January 2012 as I did this January. By July 2012 I'd lost 11 pounds. By December I'd gained 12.

After several months of beating my head against a brick wall, I obviously quit whatever I was doing (South Beach, I think) and ate whatever I wanted, reversing the s-l-o-w downward trend and eventually reaching a new high. (My stopping also coincided with the derecho and the nine days without electricity after it hit. Nothing like a little comfort food to get you through a crisis.)

No time is wasted, really, as long as you're willing to learn from the experience.

What have I learned so far? Some of the same stuff I've heard (and said) so many times in AA:

  • I must remain teachable.
  • I don't know it all. 
  • When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

The difference this year is that instead of quitting, I tried something new. My teachers (three altogether) showed up at precisely the moment I was ready to learn. Two of them had been there, waiting patiently, for quite a while. The third came much later. And just in time.

Another thing we talk a lot about in AA is gratitude. Wow, am I grateful for an open mind and lots of support.

And a freezer full of grass-fed beef. Heh.

P.S. Heading out for a walk. As of today, I'm averaging 3.02 miles per day and am well on my way to hitting my 1000-mile goal for the year. YAY, ME!


Shauna said…
This so heartening to read. And dang, you are a walking machine! :)
Tamara Tipton said…
I must remain teachable....applies to all areas of life. Thanks for the reminder!
gingerzingi said…
I've learned an awful lot from you, chickie!

I like the thing about "when the student is ready..." because I don't know how many times, in how many ways, I've heard a message over and over but somehow it didn't sink in until much later, when my brain was prepared to receive it. In all aspects of life, not just fitness-related.

Your walking is very impressive, and it's inspired me to include more in my regimen. I think it's hands-down the most effective exercise one can do for overall health.
Winnie said…
Yay for you! I am really in awe of your walking! I sit all day and it is really bad. I think you will hit your goal soon!
Vickie said…
most excellent post, thank you.
Karen said…
When the student is ready, the teacher appears. That is brilliant! And so true! :)
Vickie said…
I have a link up to this post.

When my post popped up in my queue, I realized it was a kismet week.

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