Sunday, May 19, 2013

What happened to Saturday?

Today is going to be busier than yesterday, but I just never got around to parking my ass in front of the laptop yesterday. Today's business begins in half an hour and I'll be gone all day, so I'm seizing the opportunity now. I hate missing a day, but it just couldn't be helped. (Yes, I could have blogged on my phone or tablet, but there's just something about a real keyboard. I guess I'm old-school.) I barely managed to post the daily photo.

I'm now 20 days into the Diet Bet. My goal was to lose 7.5 pounds; as of this morning I've lost NINE! Yay, me. I would never have anted up based on my old method of calories in/calories out. That works for some people, but it definitely didn't work for me. (If you're new here, this does. So far.)

I haven't really been missing dairy (well, maybe cheese), but I was flipping through the current issue of Martha Stewart Living and came across an Almond Cinnamon FrappĂ© dessert drink that sounded good. (I love, love, love cinnamon.) The ingredients include homemade almond butter (which is so easy you don't need a recipe – whirl some almonds in a food processor until the oils are released, about 10 minutes) AND homemade almond milk (which takes longer, but is certainly doable. How do I know? I did it!)

Leave it to Martha (although there may be lots of homemade almond milk recipes out there … I've never looked).

The recipe isn't on the website yet, and I really don't have much more time to spend here this morning, but after I make the frappé I'll post the method. If it's good. The milk is quite tasty, as a matter of fact.

Managed to plant more onions, along with some tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. There's still a LOT of gardening to be done. The herb bed is a mess and I want to redo the beds along the driveway. I plan to plant lots of squash – cushaw, butternut and spaghetti – in the vegetable beds and hope the new fence keeps the deer out. I got brave and touched the tape to make sure it was hot, and it is, but it's not like I got shocked or anything. Just a little nip.

Okay, time to get this party started. Hope your Sunday is good to you. I'll be on the road. Again. Would rather be getting my hands dirty, but that'll have to wait. I need to be a good little Democrat today and go to a board meeting a long way from home. Later!

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Vickie said...

I have used cinnamon with unsweetened apple sauce to be the delivery system for Mira-lax to counteract pain meds (which slow down GI tracks) for my daughter that just had 4 wisdom teeth removed this week. Cinnamon really did the trick in disguising the Mira-lax.