Thursday, June 6, 2013

A good day

Yesterday was National Running Day.

AND I RAN! Well, jogged. Running is still out of reach, but I managed to run about a third of my 4.5 miles. Running feels so good to me, especially now that some of the weight is coming off.

One of my paleo mentors asked me if gardening was easier now that I was carrying around fewer pounds. The answer is a definite and emphatic "yes." I can bend over so much easier than I used to; that alone is something to note and appreciate. And while I still get tired – gardening can be very physically taxing – the routine chores I take care of at the garden center don't leave me breathless, as they did in April.

Meaning, if yesterday had been National Ice Cream Day, I wouldn't have been tempted for even a second. That old saying, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin[ner] feels," is completely appropriate here.

Got three miles in earlier this morning, most of it in the rain, and now it's time to head for the most beautiful office in all of West Virginia. Later!