Saturday, June 22, 2013

Date night!

West Virginia became a state 150 years ago on June 20, and the party is ON! My husband and I took the night off from normal activities – dinner, Jeopardy, yawn – and joined one of the local-ish celebrations.

First, we went to Ruby Tuesday's in Lewsiburg for dinner. For me, it was a repeat of the meal I had in May: grilled salmon, roasted spaghetti squash and grilled zucchini. It didn't disappoint. In fact when I edited the photo my stomach started growling! Yum!

After dinner we headed to Fairlea to the State Fairgrounds (I've lived 30 miles from there for 16 years and have yet to go to the state fair) for a free concert performed by the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, followed by a terrific fireworks show. What a lovely night!

We don't go out much, mostly because there's not much to do that's in close proximity. This IS the Middle of Nowhere, after all. I'm glad we made the effort last night. With the nearly full moon rising behind the stage, a gentle breeze and grandstand seating, we were comfortable and well entertained.

We guessed which songs would have to be part of the repertoire, and we were right about all of them: Take Me Home Country Roads, West Virginia Hills, various patriotic numbers. We also heard two pieces by Aaron Copland, one the famous Lincoln Portrait and another about John Henry, whose legendary contest with a steam drill took place in nearby Talcott, WV.

Documentaries on West Virginia's history have been airing on public television all week. I don't watch television much at all, but I've seen part of a couple of the programs, and I recorded one. Since I'm a native of Ohio, I don't know much about WV's founding at all. I do know this: We are not all coal miners or hillbillies.

I learned last night, in a letter from the governor which was read to the audience, that West Virginia is the only state that seceded from the Confederacy during the Civil War. I tell you what, it made this little Democrat proud. I only wish some of my southern West Virginia neighbors would bury their Confederate flags and join the rest of the nation. (I HATE Confederate flags and all they symbolize!)

Today? Back to normal. The morning fog has burned off and our weekend guests won't be here until early afternoon, so I think the next thing on my agenda is the walk. Wishing you both a lovely weekend!


gingerzingi said...

That sounds like a nice evening. Glad you whooped it up, Middle of Nowhere style.

We also did something not-routine: made a picnic dinner and lounged around in a museum park, enjoying the unseasonably cool weather and the almost-full moon - perfect for Midsummer Night.

MadAnne said...

I thought the concert and fireworks were wonderful. Come on downtown and eat at one of our local restaurants. The Stardust fixes a naked burger with local grass fed beef.