Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fortunately …

it will be a while before I need to pack food for a road trip. Thanks for the suggestions, though! My next trip (this weekend) is just a four-hour drive, and the following weekend it's only a two-hour drive. I will be at the mercy of Other People's Cooking and I will deal with it the best way I can.

Losing weight is important to me, of course, but looking like a fanatic is something I want to avoid. I didn't have to avoid it at my daughter's, because no one was watching. My grandson wanted to make crepes for breakfast, but I just told him milk and flour kind of upset my stomach. He didn't question me at all and, in fact, jumped right into making almond milk and almond butter, which we later used for smoothies.

I would have done much better driving home on Sunday to stop at a restaurant and order something appropriate, as I did a couple of times in May. I didn't want to take the time. Lesson learned and problem solved. If this weekend's trip finds me at a not-so-perfect restaurant (and I suspect it might), well … I haven't tested any of the eliminated foods yet. I'll just look at it as an opportunity!

It felt great sitting down last night to a real meal full of vegetables and protein. I posted a photo and recipe for the simple and flavorful curry we had here. The chopping part is time-consuming, but once it's all thrown together and simmering you can go knit. Heh.

I walked four miles yesterday morning, then got cleaned up and headed to town for a mammogram smashogram. Unfortunately the machine was being cranky and we ended up rescheduling it for next Monday. I had other errands to take care of so it wasn't a completely wasted trip.

I think today's intentional activity will be limited to tilling the garden. It's a big garden and there's lots o'tilling to be done. The weather will be perfect for the job. I may have time to mow part of the yard when I'm done in the garden. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, not what you want to do. The mileage goal is certainly still within reach if I skip a day of walking.

The garden, however, won't prepare itself without a little help from me.

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gingerzingi said...

A four-hour drive? I would definitely need snacks :-)

I don't freak out about the occasional non-primal meal. It's a different perspective from when I was counting calories - I can't "ruin" my diet by going off-plan. It's just a less-than-optimal choice, not the end of the world. A much saner way to live.

That said, I find it very difficult to be at the mercy of other people's cooking for more than one meal. Some of my friends habitually eat nothing BUT foods I don't eat! Particularly difficult for me are my vegetarian friends, ironically. I don't have to have meat and I'm perfectly happy with a vegetarian menu, but it's all the grains! Every meal is based on bread, pasta, and rice.

Fortunately I'm not often in that position...