Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just in case you don't get The Weather Channel …

Wow. We've been under a severe thunderstorm warning since 11-ish this morning. The warning expires in 15 minutes (as I type), but we remain under a watch until 7 this evening. The power has blipped off and on a couple of times, but so far, so good. And, of course, it's not all about me. The midwest has been hit by storm after storm … if you're there, I hope you're safe!

I took my own advice and stashed some gallon jugs filled with water in the freezer. Two large iced-tea jugs are filled with drinking water.

Not having water during a power outage is the worst.

The internet is down, but I'm able to work through the magic of turning my phone into a mobile hot spot. Technology is THE BOMB!

Got a short walk in this morning before work – about 2.5 miles, the last full mile of which I ran jogged. That last mile is all downhill, and therefore both easy and fun to run. My pace for the entire distance was slightly faster than 16 minutes per mile. Considering that the route is an out-and-back and, therefore, the first mile is all UPhill, I'm pretty pleased.

For some reason – and this is very unusual lately – I can't get filled up today. I'm glad we have no pretzels, chips, cheese or ice cream in the house. This is the first day since I started my Whole 30 67 and counting that I've been hungry almost all day. I haven't eaten much lately (have been well under LoseIt's daily target calorie goal), so maybe my body is trying to make up for lost food.

I think – since the water still works – I'd do well to go grab a tall glass instead of trying to figure out what else I could eat.

Traveling again tomorrow. Hope to find time to post pictures, at least, but it all may have to wait until I return Sunday. The hotel charges $12.95 for in-room internet access, which I will not be buying. Wi-fi is free in the lobby, though, but the schedule is pretty tight. We shall see.

Our weather is coming from the northwest today. I've seen photos on Facebook of flooded roads and farms in central West Virginia, which is where I'm going. Should be an interesting trip.

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Vickie said...

I was seriously worried last night, because local news was comparing to July of 2012. Very little power outage locally. And we did not lose power at all. We have friends with an empty house on the market (here) and they are now several hours away (from here). I went over and checked house yesterday BEFORE and then with much trepidation checked today AFTER, and thank goodness all was fine. They still had power. Basement was dry. All trees still standing.