Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Progress photo

Only because you asked for it.

That'll teach you. Heh.

Honestly? I just don't see that much difference. But 15 pounds is 15 pounds
(the difference between May and June), and I suppose it should be recorded for posterity, right?


jen said...

I see a big difference in your face, and your legs look thinner, too.

Diandra said...

You look as if you had more energy. (There is also a visible difference in body shape, but that was what I noticed first.)

(And I almost accidentally wrote about your "body shake", which I do not know, of course.)

gingerzingi said...

WOW! I see a big difference in your face. None of your outfits are very body-revealing, so it's harder to tell. You look great.