Thursday, June 27, 2013

So far this has been a less-than-stellar week

At least we're over the hump!

I'm not going to call it a bad week because I missed two workouts. Monday was a planned rest day. Yesterday was an active day, just not an intentionally active one. Dragging the hose around the garden center for a couple of hours is active, and I didn't sit down all morning.

But I can't count it as MILES. A bit obsessive I am, yes? Heh.

A big blue-and-green blob of rain and thunderstorms is directly west of us and moving east on the weather radar map. I have plenty of time to walk this morning before work if I can wake up enough to Just Do It.

Need. More. Coffee.

Actually, what I need is to think about Texas Senator Wendy Davis's epic filibuster – nearly 13 hours on her feet without a bathroom break or food or even a drink of water. What an inspiration. After the Supreme Court scuttled the Voting Rights Act, she may not even get to keep her state Senate seat.

But she'd make a fine governor.

On that note, I'm heading out for a four-miler. If it rains … so what. I've been rained on before and I haven't melted.


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gingerzingi said...

I <3 Wendy Davis! I can't imagine doing that without water. She's a hero. Do you know her office was firebombed or something last year? So it's wonderful to see such continuing bravery.