Friday, June 21, 2013

Soon, very soon …

my life will return to normal. Whatever that is.

With all the weekend travel lately, I feel like I've barely been keeping my head above water. My garden is a Mess-with-a-capital-M. The landscape bed badly needs weeding. There are spots all over our yard that need attention with the weedeater.

I've managed to keep the grass cut without having to use a hay baler, but even that has been a close call a couple of times. Our clothing has been cleaned on a regular basis, but I can't say as much for our house. I'm still showing up for work two mornings a week.

And we haven't missed a single meal. Heh.

We're having company this weekend and again on July 6, and then that's it. No more travel plans, no more guests coming, no more Big Events unless we throw something in spontaneously. (I think the triplets and their little sister and their parents might be visiting sometime this summer, but we haven't set anything up yet.) We've already had a crazy summer and today is the first day of it (in North America)!

After walking in the afternoon
heat Wednesday, I decided
early-morning fog with cooler
temperatures – or swimming in
air – was infinitely preferable!
I got a good start on the house yesterday and will finish it today. I brought home a bunch of hostas from the garden center yesterday that need to go in the ground, and I'll get some of the weed-whacking done. Probably not all of it, though.

It's a BIG yard.

One thing I haven't neglected is the 1000-mile goal. I've managed to keep on walking and am up to 526 miles with nine days left before the halfway point of the year. Still a bit ahead of schedule, and still loving every mile of it.

I have a walking date with my friend Lynne this morning. We haven't managed to walk together since May 3. She promised me 10 miles of stories, but I think we'll have to edit it to five. She works this afternoon and I have this house to clean, and a little more laundry to do, and some yard work to finish up, and a garden to tend, and company coming TOMORROW!

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