Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The halfway point

This morning's 3.26 mile-walk (the third mile of which was at the blistering pace of 15:03!), I'm officially halfway to my 1000-mile walking goal for 2013.
From my Daily Mile training page.
Not quite halfway into the year, finding myself more than halfway to my weight-loss goal and 500 miles into the walking goal has me feeling Pretty. Darned. Good.

Today is a work day, as is tomorrow, and then I'm off for the third consecutive weekend trip, this time to the National Federation of Democratic Women convention. It's local-ish (in Charleston, WV), so not a long, boring drive, but I'm leaving super-early Friday morning in order to be at the First-Timers Breakfast.

Which I probably won't eat. Heh.

The weather forecast for later today and through tomorrow does not look good at all for much of the midwest and mid-Atlantic. The prognosticators are even throwing out the word "derecho," which strikes terror into the hearts of the hundreds of thousands of us who experienced one last summer.

If you're in the projected path of the storm, stock up NOW on ice, non-perishables and bottled water. LOTS of bottled water. Put some water-filled jugs in your freezer, too, for additional cooling capability.

If you lose electrical power, don't expect it to come back on in a couple hours, or even a couple days. We were without electricity for nine days last year. Had I known, I would have grilled all the meat in the freezer, which we could have then kept chilled in coolers. We had to discard about $100 worth of grass-fed beef. SOB!

Wherever you are, I hope you have a great Wednesday ... stay safe!


Shauna said...

Amazing, 500 miles! I keep thinking of this song... you're right in the middle of the chorus! :)

So annoying about the freezer! nooooooooooo!

gingerzingi said...

I remember that storm last summer, I kept teasing you about how bad you smelled without being able to take a shower. You can always count on me for support! :-)

Congrats on the halfway point! Coincidentally on the same day I reached the halfway point of C25K. We are totally twins.