Friday, July 26, 2013

A lady of leisure I'm not

Retirement started off with a project. Or two. I got home from work, chopped back the petunias and a few perennials, watered the hostas and then we finally extracted the firepit from its box and put it together.

Today's project is to paint four of our wrought iron patio chairs so we can actually sit around the fire. There's an old log out there we could park our butts on, but chairs would be more comfortable.

And stylish! Because instead of boring old black paint, I bought bright tropical-colored paint! I'm really excited to see how they turn out. And if I hate them, well, I can always buy black and start over.

I'd planned to walk early-early this morning, but here it is after 8 a.m., with pea-soup-thick fog and a temperature in the low 50s. I was going to drive down to Indian Creek Road, which is my flat route, but I think it would be very spooky down there by myself. I can probably talk the husband into joining me a little later.

Today is Week 3, Day 3 of Cto5K. And the first week in which I will have completed all three workouts as directed. (If I manage to hit the right button today.)

So if you read the comments, you'll know I ordered new kicks, Wendy-Davis style. The greenhouse is a project for another day month year. Or possibly never, since we keep kicking around the idea of giving up our little bit of West Virginia paradise for a condo in North Carolina.

There's ample opportunity for activism in the Tarheel State. I might not be harvesting tomatoes or tending perennial beds there, but I'm betting I'd still not turn into an old retired lady who lunches.

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