Saturday, July 27, 2013

Curses ... foiled!

According to yesterday's forecast, we weren't supposed to get any rain until this evening.

It is SO raining right now. Pouring, as a matter of fact.

My morning plan was to walk four miles. I'm supposed to do a local 5K tonight (not sure yet whether I'll register as a runner or walker). I don't even think if I were training for a distance race I'd go out in this rain. Sprinkles? Yes. Downpour? Uh-uh.

And it really is downpouring.

All the chairs we were painting yesterday are outside on now-soggy pieces of cardboard. Because it wasn't supposed to rain this morning, you see. So we left them out in order to get started again as soon as I got back from my morning walk.


We got the back and undersides of four chairs done and, of course, ran out of paint. Hopping in the car to get more took a couple of hours (as do most errands out here in the Middle of Nowhere), and I had some design work to do on the computer, plus dinner to fix, so we didn't even try to continue the project yesterday afternoon.

Hindsight's 20/20.

Yesterday was a very nice day, all in all. My husband and I walked in the morning. I did seven miles and he did six, but we were together most of the time. I snuck in my third Cto5K workout of the week, and it was the best by far! It's that flat road again, plus the conditions were perfect. A little cooler than we've been used to, and slightly less humid than it's been lately.
We had lunch, started painting, went to Lowe's, blah, blah, blah. He gathered kindling and firewood while I fixed dinner. Sounds like Little House on the Prairie, doesn't it? Heh.

I went through my closet the other day, trying on things I haven't worn in years. Some of them I'd never worn. A couple shirts still had the tags on them. I was so surprised that everything fit. There's this one hooded knit cardigan, pink and made out of some kind of fluffy, textured fabric. I swear I looked like one of those pastel marshmallows when I got it. (It was a gift; I'd never have bought it for myself, even as much as I love pink.)

I'll be wearing it this fall. And not feeling like a marshmallow, thankyouverymuch.

The rain appears to be letting up a bit. I might actually have a little window of rain-free opportunity here in a few minutes, according to the map. The internets are a little buggy this morning and I've probably bored you enough with my minutiae, and so I will sign off, wishing you a very good weekend.

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