Monday, July 8, 2013

Long time no write

Wow, I haven't taken a four-day blog break in a very long time. I hadn't intended to; it just worked out that way.

One must, at times, make sacrifices.

So the Fourth of July has come and gone again. The confederate and tea party flags were flying high here in southern West Virginia, alongside the stars and stripes. Y'all know how I feel about the confederate flag – people who fly it are not "honoring their heritage," they're announcing they're racists. How's that for telling it like it is?

And that yellow flag with the snake saying "Don't tread on me?" I think the National Organization of Women should wrest it from the tea party and strike back HARD at state legislatures who are treading on women's rights.

I worked at the garden center the morning of July 4, the first day of our annual sale. That evening found my husband and me at the home of friends, sharing dinner and great conversation AND being charmed by a charm of hummingbirds at their feeder. As many as six showed up at one time! I was fascinated, and bought a feeder on Saturday, which the tiny birds found almost immediately.

Friday was cake-baking day. I ended up making Southern Living's Perfect Chocolate Cake, with peanut-butter frosting between the layers and turquoise-tinted buttercream on the outside. The whole beach-party theme went over well and lots of the decorative seashells went home with the birthday girl. Along with most of the leftover cake. I had one small piece Saturday with the family, breaking my Whole 30 on the 90th day.

Today's weigh-in has me up one pound. The only cheating I did was that piece of cake – no hamburger bun, no pasta salad, no cheese – and I'm not eager to do it again. I was very sluggish yesterday. I had made time for a walk Friday morning, but got bit by a dog and had to cut it short. I took a killer yoga class Saturday morning (which was more of a workshop). I did absolutely NOTHING yesterday but rest.

I have a walking date this morning. Whole 30 begins today. It's Monday – time for starting fresh and renewing my commitment. I've only done two days of the first week of Couch to 5K, so I need to start that over again, as well.

Our planned social events and short trips are now done for the bulk of the summer. The calendar is blissfully free until late August. I'd like to do a big book purge, organize the yarn closet (again), start a new knitting project and finish watching the recently completed season of Mad Men, which is waiting patiently on the DVR.

And lose more weight.


Diandra said...

Well, the rapid weight loss could not go on forever. I was starting to be a bit scared for you, honestly. But I hope you can continue your journey to health with this plan, since you seem to like it, and it seems to be mostly easy for you.

gingerzingi said...

That chocolate cake sounds FABULOUS. I would totally break my diet for a piece of that :-)