Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New 'do

I decided a month or so ago it was time to shake things up a bit. My hair has been growing and growing and growing, and it was finally long enough to chop off for Locks of Love. My appointment was yesterday.

All I ever did with that long hair was put it up in a pony bun. I French-braided it once or twice (which is an excellent arm workout, by the way), but mostly just brushed it back and twisted it up.

And if you're going to make your long hair look short, you might as well have short hair, right?

It looks better this morning than it did when I left my stylist's. Whose hair does that?!?!?

I took a quick-and-dirty selfie for Facebook, which you can see over there in the right sidebar, but I'm going to have to update that soon, because brushing it back off my forehead is an even better look than the bangs are.


I'm thinking the chopped off part weighed AT LEAST a pound. Heh.


gingerzingi said...

It looks fantastic! I love your FB picture. I struggle with the long/short dilemma all the time. While I can't deny that short is more practical and stylish, it's hard to give up that idea of femininity/ attractiveness being correlated with hair length. Obviously that's not true, but I can't quite shake my conditioning.

jen said...

Your face looks so much thinner!

Diandra said...

Looks great! (I have been thinking about getting a pixie cut, but Richard begs me not to, because he loves the long hair... we'll see.)

Audrey Humaciu said...

Jealous! Mine is no longer eligible for Locks of Love because of the grey. :) But I have donated a few times and I absolutely loved the feeling of FINALLY getting rid of it. Until I washed it and used too much shampoo or I brushed my back one too many times out of habit.