Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Now that the inbox is cleared out …

it's time to purge stuff from the laptop.

Now to keep up with the email and not let it get so out of hand. AGAIN.

Denise, my assumption is that the DirecTV control box will capture anything I tell it to record regardless of whether I have electricity in my house or not. Kind of like a cloud function. I've never tested it.

Also, I'm pretty sure waterlogged ground had something to do with the fallen tree that caused our power loss. At least we're not experiencing drought conditions this year, right?

I'm having some computer issues this morning. The fan keeps running, and sometimes revs up alarmingly, reminiscent of an engine run-up prior to takeoff. I've Googled and tried one solution, which worked for a while, but I think there might be something else creating the problem. SOB!

And, of course, now that I've written that paragraph, the fan noise quit.

Is that anything like stating your intention and suddenly finding yourself able to achieve it? (Like cleaning out the inbox? Heh.)

My intention for today is to put in another six miles (if it stops raining long enough. Or even if it doesn't. I WON'T MELT!). Then I need to clean out the refrigerator so I can go grocery shopping and fill it up again. I want to make a batch of zucchini muffins – I'm craving something baked –and I need to make a batch of deviled eggs to take to a friend's for dinner tomorrow. Aaaaand … tonight is prison night.

Yesterday I repeated Week 3, Day 1 of Cto5K. Today I will just run when I feel like it, which will probably be the downhills and flat parts. I had to run up some killer hills yesterday, and still can't make it all the way.

There's this one hill, which is quite long but not terribly steep. I set my gaze about 10 feet in front of me and adjusted my stride to be a bit shorter than usual. I've gleaned these tips for conquering hills from Coach Google. My discipline didn't last even halfway up the hill … almost as soon as I looked up and saw how much hill was left, I had to slow to a walk.

But that's better than six months ago, when I was plodding along for two or three miles at 3 mph and thinking I was such a badass. Heh. The run/walk yesterday took 90 minutes. Just think how fast I'll be next year!


Vickie said...

Your looking up the hill story made me think of blinders and horses. I totally get what you were saying, I can't look up either.

denise said...

Ah, then your DVR works differently from mine. When we had our power outage several weeks back, nothing recorded. I didn't expect that it would, as it records on the hard drive of the DVR and without power, it obviously wouldn't work.

But if DirectTV keeps your requests on a cloud and then records them without needing any interaction with your TV or DVR box, then it would work.

Good for you getting your Inbox cleared out. Mine's got 1500 or so messages in it. Occasionally it gets up around 2000 and I do cleaning, but I never seem to get to the bottom of all of the messages. Mostly because with messages, as with my physical stuff, I'm a packrat. So I'm always keeping things "in case" or because I'm sure I will need/want to go back and refer to them. Of course, that rarely happens...

And great news that your training program has been so successful in yielding such a speed increase! Keep up the great (and inspiring) work.

jen said...

Your laptop might just be getting hot from sitting on your lap. Try putting a hardback book under it and see if that helps. They sell fancy stands but the point is to make sure you aren't blocking airflow to the fan, and a thick book can do that.