Friday, July 12, 2013

The purge beginneth

One shelf of magazines and one shelf of books have now been boxed up and are awaiting delivery to the library for the annual fall book sale.

All of the magazines are knitting-related, periodicals I haven't opened in years. I guess I'm now a former knitting publication hoarder. Nearly all of the books are knitting instruction, pattern or technique books. Do I really need three books devoted to knitting mittens? I think not.

I saved all of the Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits and Knitter's magazines in my inventory. I purged Knitter's a few years ago, saving only the ones I thought I might use in the future. Time to revisit each issue, I suppose.

And find another box.

I'm also divesting myself of a dozen diet books. That may or may not be all of them. Please tell me you have a similar collection on one of your bookshelves. I can't be the only one!
If you want one of these, speak up. I'll be glad to send any of them to you.
They're going to the library Saturday, though, so time is of the essence.
I haven't started on the cookbooks. Yet.

Knitting consumes much less of my leisure time than it did a few years ago. Southern-dwelling grandchildren don't need warm wooly sweaters, and they're all kind of picky about what they wear. It's disappointing to spend the amount of time it takes to knit an earflap hat when they really wanted the one from the Gap all their friends are wearing.

I don't need many sweaters here in southern West Virginia, but I found a couple lacy tunic patterns going through things yesterday that are now in the queue. (I just tried on the blue sweater I finished last year and it fits so much better than it did here.) I have plenty of hats and mittens and scarves, and the only thing currently on my needles is yet another Everlasting Bagstopper, this one in blue, and is intended to be offered as a door prize at a Democratic women's district luncheon next month.

If I can part with it. Heh.

Now that I've begun the purge, I'm motivated to continue. That's kind of how most things work, I guess. Getting started is hard, but once you get going it's kind of fun to watch the progress.

Kind of like losing weight, right?


altopower said...

I am a librarian and I purge my books all the time. I have no diet books at all left :) Consider taking some of your stuff to Goodwill if you have one; not everything needs to go to the library, but if they are in good condition, cookbooks and craft books would be popular for a sale. My book collection is in good shape but it's time for another look through the clothes. They almost always need purging!

denise said...

I'm about to start a book cleanout myself - but for me it's under protest. I need to get rid of stuff in preparation for my move, but I do so very much hate to part with any of my books. Unfortunately, I need to get real about what I will have the space for in the future and what I'm likely to actually crack open and read. Although I love being surrounded by books, I don't read as many as I should, tending to get books from the library and read those instead, so it really is a waste of space.

And yes, I have a collection of all kinds of diet books, most of which have never been opened.

jen said...

I have a ton of these books but have not read "The End of Overeating." Did you like it?