Friday, July 19, 2013

Well, I screwed that up

Today was supposed to be Week 2, Day 3 of Cto5K. I again chose to pop the training workout into the middle of a longer walk/run session.

It didn't take long for the thick fog to cover the lenses of my glasses, rendering them useless, so I took them off and tucked them into the neckline of my shirt. When it came time to begin the Cto5K program, I hit the wrong button – since I'm blind without my glasses – and ended up doing Week 3, Day 1.

WHICH I WILL DO AGAIN ON MONDAY … the first day of my third week.


The little feedback messages I was getting following each interval seemed off, for sure, but I didn't think much about it since it's still all new – both the training and the app. Anyway.

Here's last week's workouts:

And today's totals:
The last complete mile (before the .3 cool down) was at a 12:34 pace. And all downhill.

When I was auditioning apps, I attributed some of my problems with one of them to operator error. It appears I still have that issue. Heh. I wonder if I should look into contact lenses?


jen said...

I think as long as you don't skip more than 1 or 2 workouts ahead, you are fine. I have completed C25K and now I skip around and choose the workout I want to do -- might make an OCD person crazy....

gingerzingi said...

It's very easy to be OCD with that program! I've been there. I have the same problem of not having glasses with me when I run, so who knows what button I might push? However, I get the app all set up before I leave the house, so all I have to do is push the big START button. So far that's worked pretty well :-)