Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big day today

I'm co-hosting a Democratic women's meeting for the 3rd District of West Virginia today. Lunch at noon, speaker and business following the meal. I have to welcome everyone and give a presentation on how social media can help our individual county clubs.

I'm also going to talk about communication. I'm not good at connecting with my local members because

  1. I don't much care for talking on the phone, and 
  2. Not all of them have e-mail addresses

My preferred method of conversation is actually texting. But I realize not everyone texts. For me, the unlimited texting package is worth every penny. And, really, it's not very many pennies at all. The funny thing is, though, I mostly text with only half a dozen people, three of which are my daughter and her children.

(I will send a 140-character text to one of the grandchildren and get a yes or no reply. They're definitely not getting their money's worth. Heh.)

We're also going to discuss increasing membership (again), a constant challenge for our county clubs. We're always on the hunt for creative ways to attract new and younger women to the fold.

All of this to say … it's time to walk NOW, since there won't be time later. Have a great Saturday, y'all!

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