Saturday, August 31, 2013

Clothes and more clothes

Tell me when you're bored. Heh.

I must have donated an entire container of old clothes to Goodwill at some point. It's not where it used to be, and it has always been stored in that one spot (guest room closet). The only thing I really remember being in there was a heavy woven cotton vest that I liked to wear with a t-shirt and jeans when the weather started getting cooler. So, really, no big loss.

Of the other two containers – a box and a bag – the bag had all the way-too-small stuff.

Twenty years ago I wore a size 6. A SIX! There are three dresses and several pairs of dressy shorts in that bag to prove it. I transferred everything from the bag to the box, because the box had all the stuff I can wear now. Including two skirts I could have been wearing all summer, and five pairs of jeans. Yee-haw!

Three of those pairs of jeans are size 12, and fit perfectly. Yee-haw AGAIN! Which is weird, because everything is from long ago and far away, back when a size 12 looked like today's size 10. I wish women's clothes were sized consistently, as men's (generally) are.

At any rate, with all these new-again jeans, I have a lot less to buy for fall. I ordered three pairs of tights – black, chocolate and grey – this morning. I still need a nice long-sleeved white button-front shirt and a pair of black pants (just found a pair in that guest room closet. Size 12. FITS!) Other than that, I think I could probably dress for any occasion that comes along.

I'm making good progress with the On the Point knitted vest. I started with the back piece, and decreased for the armholes last night. I should have no trouble finishing it within a couple weeks, especially since today is OPENING DAY FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

Well, technically there were a couple games Thursday evening, but WVU plays at noon today. That's a good solid three hours of knitting time.

There are so many things to love about fall. Here's my short list; what would you add?

  • Knitting
  • Football
  • Cooler weather = easier and faster walking
  • Soup!
  • Wearing hand knit sweaters and socks

Have a great weekend!

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