Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shopping wears me OUT!

Yesterday had 24 hours in it, just like every other day of the week, but it seemed to last SO. MUCH. LONGER.

This "Young" chick ain't gettin' any younger. But I think I might have skipped the last two stops 45 pounds ago. My husband and I had a late lunch, where I was suddenly overcome with fatigue. He offered to come back another day, but seriously? We were right there, and the idea of driving all that way to go shopping AGAIN, at a later date. was less appealing than just getting it done.

So it's done. YAY!

I have two events coming up soon, both of which require dressier dresses than I already own. I have a gorgeous hand-knit (by me!) jacket that looks great with a long skinny skirt that will work for one event, but it needs to be cool that night. And here in West Virginia, there's no guarantee it's going to be cool on October 12.

The other event is the annual convention for West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women, next month. I don't remember what I wore two years ago. Probably the same thing I wore last year – a nice navy blue tee with a matching cardigan and a swishy blue-and-white skirt. It was fine, but the tee and cardigan are now at a Goodwill (or, hopefully, in someone else's closet!).

Besides, I want to wear something new.

So here it is.
Knee-length, and just the slightest bit clingy. 
Just your basic little black dress. (I was looking for something blue, but I'm glad I had an open mind.) It's very flattering and dressy and I'm hoping it will be warm enough on October 12 that I can wear it then, as well.

The best part (of course) is that it was on sale, and then it was marked down 50 percent off the sale price. Or maybe the best part was that is was a size medium instead of a large or extra-large.

Can there be two best parts?

I found a beautiful beaded-and-braided cuff bracelet and will wear black patent heels and diamond stud earrings and call it good.

The best part of today is coming right up: Time for my walk. Followed by a haircut and then I hope to mow at least part of the yard. The fun never stops here in the Middle of Nowhere.

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