Thursday, August 22, 2013

The one bad thing about paleo. And then some more stuff.

Maybe there are more, I don't know. Probably there are more. But for me, after eating this way for four and a half months (I know, isn't that crazy!?!), the bad thing is this: When you're hungry – really hungry, shaky hungry, ready-to-pass-out hungry – you have to STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING and COOK SOMETHING.

Which can be inconvenient if you're out and about.

Fortunately that kind of hunger rarely happens, but it did for me, just now. I was in the middle of emptying the dishwasher and was suddenly overcome with hunger. The dishwasher remained half emptied as I quickly threw some bacon in a skillet and got the eggs ready to scramble.

A note: There really is no "quickly" when it comes to opening a new package of bacon. With all the modern technology we enjoy and all the innovative products available, WHY can't someone develop a packaging system for bacon that doesn't involve scissors?

So. Breakfast has been cooked and eaten (and my huband finished putting the dishes away) and is currently being digested, prior to attempting to finish Week 5, Day 3 of Cto5K. It's a 22-minute run, bookended with five-minute warmup and cooldown periods.

I'll be heading for the flat road, for sure.
Yesterday I started purging yarn.

This is a painful process for me. I am, at the same time, appalled and delighted to have so. much. yarn. I decided to pick a couple dozen must-knit patterns, including some I repeat frequently (Felted Clogs, anyone? Everlasting Bagstopper?), and kit them up with appropriate yarn. I'm about half done with that process and in the meantime have filled four trash bags with yarn to donate.

One bag of washable wool or blends will go to the prison, three bags of cotton are off to the senior center. A local fiber group will be getting a generous donation of wool.

I'm not selling any yarn this time. I want it out of my house with as little effort on my part as possible. Selling yarn on Ebay is not effortless. Well, actually, putting it up for sale is pretty easy, but combining winning bids and recalculating postage is WAY too much work for the return. Mostly because when I sell on Ebay I put everything up for $1 per 50 grams. Which means it ends up selling pretty cheaply reasonably. Too little profit + too much work = lots of yarn to donate! Yay!
Finally, Antoinette Tuff is one tuff cookie. Listen to the tape of her 911 call and be AMAZED at how well she took care of herself, the children and staff at her school and – most stunning of all – the gunman. She deserves to be called awesome.


Winnie said...

I am going to try and cut out my white flour/sugar products starting Monday. I ordered a vitamix to try and make smoothies and veggie soups etc. I am going to see Jimmy Buffet tonight and Albert Lee on Sunday so lots of celebrating, so I will start Monday (can't see Buffet without Margaritas!)

Vickie said...

She was awesome

jen said...

I actually think that's the reason these plans are so effective -- there is no mindless, effortless eating.

I love frittatas -- cooked veggies + eggs -- and if you didn't include cheese they could be paleo-friendly. Bacon is not my favorite thing to cook because of the splatter. It's a once-in-a-while treat for me. Of course, my favorite thing to do with it, BLT with avocado, would not be paleo because of the bread.

Debbi said...

Buffet! So jealous! And I will testify that I HAVE seen Buffet without margaritas. It was more fun watching everyone else misbehave than being the one misbehaving. Hope you had a great time!

Debbi said...

It's true, Jen, that the paleo/primal plans make mindless eating less likely. That's a very good thing, and that's why I don't spend a lot of time making muffins and homemade Larabars, which are very easy to eat.

I, too, love frittatas (that's a great idea for dinner tonight, thanks!). I use a splatter screen when I fix bacon and just last night had my B and T and avocado atop the L. It was the most delicious salad I've had all summer. I'm not missing bread at all.