Friday, August 30, 2013

The picture plan

Jen wants photos of me IN the tunic. And the dress. And I promised a photo of me wearing the dress I wore for our blessing ceremony. Soon, my pretties, soon. I'm going to update the progress photos and add the wardrobe shots as soon as the scale hits the minus-50 mark.

As of this morning, that's still 4.5 pounds from now.

Also, since I don't have boots or leggings/tights, a photo of me wearing just the tunic would NOT be pretty, lemmetellya. (I'm also beginning to think flats would look better than boots. And I already have some of those. Still need tights, though.)

I follow a couple folks on Pinterest who pin the most beautiful clothing/accessory ideas. The photos come from retail websites, which I don't cruise much, since my closets already resemble retail stores, with similar items in multiple sizes. I really don't want to begin cruising retail sites, either.

Buying clothes is not something I enjoy doing. Wait. Let me back up. Trying on clothes is not something I enjoy doing. When my husband and I went shopping Monday, I really-really-really thought I could wear a size 12. (This was at JCPenney. Perhaps I could wear a size 12 at a store that sells more expensive duds. You know, vanity sizing and all.)

Well, I can't. And that was depressing. As good as I've been feeling lately, I don't need to do anything that will make me feel worse, right?

Also? I go out once a week. To a prison. It's not like I need a work wardrobe. The inmates love seeing what we volunteers wear, but I kind of feel like we shouldn't be rubbing it in that we can wear bright colors or cool styles when they show up in grey sweats and khaki work shirts week after week.

Finally, regarding the selfies, I need to do this photo shoot on a day when my husband isn't around. As I alluded to yesterday, he's beginning to question my vain-ness. If he saw me fiddling with the tripod and taking self-portraits, he'd move from the questioning stage right straight through to alarmed.


Lynne Postlethwaite Larsen said...

I'll come over and take the pics...selfies never do justice to the subject! We can do it on a Wednesday when he's with AM

jen said...

Thanks for indulging me! If he thinks you are getting vain, show him all my Gwynnie Bee silliness. I haven't liked the last few things enough to justify photos but I have a new dress I can't wait to photograph.

I have some very lightweight black jeans-style pants I got at Macy's that I wear with a tunic and boots (or did in the fall). I think they are Calvin Klein and came from Macy's.

I can't quite wear a 12 yet either -- tried the last time I was at Gap. Close but no cigar.