Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The results are in!

Well, one of them, anyway.

I came in 36th out of 54 total runners in the 5K I did weekend before last. Official time was 36:46, which means my pace was 5.06 mph. Blistering! Blazing! Hahaha.

I have no idea how many runners were in the 60-to-64 age group. I'm guessing I was it.

Obviously the organizers of this 5K have no idea how important it is to provide as much information as possible for serious participants like me. (I'm cracking myself up here.)

I approached blaze-aliciousness yesterday during one five-minute running interval of the Cto5K program. The little voice said my pace was 10:05 – nearly 6 mph! I remember, long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, actually running on a treadmill for half an hour at a 10-minute pace.

Who was that woman, and is it too late to get her back?

So yesterday was our seventh wedding anniversary and we began the day with a nice long walk along Indian Creek. I did, indeed, leave him in my dust a couple of times. I logged 7.6 miles in the same time he logged six.

We went out for dinner. Because that's what you do when you reach a milestone like seven years of wedded bliss. I had sautéed scallops and a mixture of squash, peppers and onions, along with a salad. Left the rice on the plate and didn't even want dessert.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (and if you don't, WHY NOT?), you've already seen what a good Democrat day I had. First, THE SHOES CAME!
My Wendy Davis shoes! The fit is perfect, and they're incredibly lightweight. LOVE THEM!
And I also forgot I had ordered this:
I'm not sure when or where it will get its inaugural wearing. It needs an inaugural washing first. It fits like a nightshirt – I'm hoping my previous experience with shrinking cotton will hold true here, and it will get shorter but not narrower.

Okay, off to work (I have a couple freelance projects that need to be done TODAY). Hope y'all have as great a Tuesday as my Monday was!


Kathy said...

Awesome job on the 5K and Happy Anniversary!


jen said...

Great time!