Monday, August 19, 2013

The streak endeth

I don't even know how many days I walked in a row. I can access the website more easily on the laptop. I'm blogging from bed, on the tablet.

My throat started hurting Friday evening in Charlottesville, where we'd gone for our little getaway. My husband's son was spending the night with us Saturday, so we left early to have plenty of time to get ready for his visit.

By Sunday morning I couldn't talk and decided just to stay in bed. The boys took care of their own breakfasts.

I tried getting up this morning and ended up passing out and falling in the kitchen. Low blood sugar and/or pressure, probably. Throat is still sore. Slight fever. Blech.

But ... it's Monday. We all know what that means, right?

Another 3.5 down, for a total of 45.5. Not bad after three days of restaurant eating.

And now I'm going back to sleep.

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Vickie said...

Very scary to think you passed out to the point of falling. I have low blood pressure too. I had problem seeing stars a few weeks ago in my free weights class. Yoga instructor ended up having me put my feet up the wall, lying on floor, and when that helped a lot, we figured it must have been blood pressure.

A yoga trick is to always roll to right side, pause, then push self up slowly with hands on bed (or floor, depending on where you are) looking at hands the whole time, with the head coming up last. It helps a lot. And honestly, I have taken yoga for so many years, that this is how I always get up.

The only time I actually passed out was pregnant with my oldest (now 23). I was buckled in passenger seat of car and my husband was with me. Puked as I passed out and scared the life out of him.

Take care of yourself.