Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What was I thinking?

Even though Bob Dylan sang, "Time passes slowly, here in the mountains …," sometimes time kinda gets away from me.

Last time I went to the grocery – I don't even remember what day it was, but it hasn't been very long – I stocked up on produce. That's standard operating procedure around here. We've eaten quite a bit of it, and yet here it is THE DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR A THREE-DAY TRIP and the crispers are still full of peppers and lettuce and grapes, oh my.

The grapes can go in the freezer. Looks like I'll be having a salad for lunch and stir-fry for dinner. Good thing carrots keep a long time.

• • •

The visitation for Melissa was very emotional. The children have been taken back and more than likely split up, which is beyond sad. Giving them up was Melissa's decision, according to the bishop's wife. The sister I stayed with when I took Melissa and Simon to Pennsylvania actually cried on my shoulder. She said their mother died at 57, and they all thought that was young, but 37 …

Much too young.

• • •

It rained most of the day yesterday, but today is dawning sunny and cool and bright. I might find a little time to pull some weeds. I worked out on the elliptical for a while yesterday morning, and then took advantage of a short break in the weather to walk outside with my husband. We did five miles, the last of which was in the rain.

Today will be a great day to walk. A little later. After it warms up. Heh.

• • •

Not sure if I'll be posting while we're gone. I'm kind of tempted to just leave the laptop at home. But I'm also not sure that's physically or emotionally possible.

I crack myself up.


jen said...

Is your trip a car trip? You could take some grapes and cut-up veggies along in a cooler if so.

So sad about the kids. Maybe they will be better for the time they spent with Melissa.

Enjoy your travels! I usually blog a little from my phone or iPad when traveling using the Blogger app.

Kathy said...

WOW, 37 is too young to die. Hope you have safe travels. I agree with Jen. Perhaps you should bag up those lovely veggies and groups and pack a cooler for snacks along the way.