Monday, September 23, 2013


It's official:
I've been claiming it all weekend, so I'm glad it's true this morning. It's just easier to tell someone who hasn't seen you in a while that you've lost 50 pounds instead of 49.5 (which is what the scale said Thursday morning before I left on my trip).

So that's one goal DONE – and if I didn't have confidence that I could lose more, that would be the end of it. But I do think I can lose 15 more by Christmas, so I'm going to keep on paleo-ing. Most likely I'll keep on paleo-ing for the rest of my life. I feel SO DAMNED GOOD!

Eating at the convention this weekend went very well. The hotel's continental breakfast included eggs and fresh fruit, and the closing day's catered breakfast had bacon, as well.

Mmmmm, bacon.

I had to navigate a substantial-hors d'oeuvres reception Friday evening, but it included grilled vegetables and sausage-stuffed mushrooms, so that was fine. The remaining meals each included meat and vegetables and salad. I had no trouble staying away from the rolls and the dessert table was separate from the main buffet, so I just didn't even look at it.

Our speakers were dynamic and inspiring and energetic. This is an off-year as far as elections go, but the campaign cycle is now pretty much 24/7, so we all got to hear how tough it's going to be in 2014 in the West Virginia Senate race for the seat being vacated by Jay Rockefeller.

This state is surely going to miss him, as it still does Sen. Robert Byrd.

I didn't log any food all weekend. GOAL FAIL for September. I also didn't do any kind of workout Saturday, as I fell hard on a sidewalk near the end of my Friday morning run. I hurt my left knee and the heel of my left hand. I'm now doing wall pushups with my fingertips instead of the palms of my hands, and when I tried doing triceps dips using a chair it was just too painful.

I'll try to get some pictures taken this week sometime (hint, hint to Lynne!). I'm excited to update the progress photo file and to show off the new clothes I've been collecting. The photos taken of me during the weekend are mostly tight close-ups and a couple long shots that aren't especially flattering.

And flattering is definitely the look I'm going for!

Here's a teaser, though ...
Future WV Senator Natalie Tennant. And me.
The future's so bright, we had to wear shades!


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Hooray! You look fabulous!

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So so happy for you Debbi!

gingerzingi said...

It's great to have that nice round number! Congratulations.