Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here I go again

I don't need to leave for this weekend's convention today until early afternoon but, as with most things, the tasks on my to-do list take up all available time.

In other words, I'm not an especially efficient planner. (I am, however, better food-prepared this weekend than I was last.)

Right now, though, my dining room table is piled high with auction items that need to be tagged and messenger bags that need to be cleaned out and consolidated.

We get a new bag at each of these meetings. I've only been going for four years, so I can't imagine how many blue bags are cluttering the closets of some of the old-timers who've been attending West Virginia's Federation of Democratic Women conventions for decades.

Maybe the bags are a new-ish idea.

One of my jobs at this year's event will be helping people sign up for Facebook and Twitter. We're trying to move the group into the 21st century. I hope we get lots of interest in the project. Facebook is one of the most efficient and least costly ways to communicate I've ever found. The advantages for clubs and groups and like-minded individuals are numerous.

If we could just get members to use it.

So I teased you yesterday about glitter spray, remember? Well here's what I did with it:
I'd read online that the nozzle on the can easily become clogged. One woman used FOUR CANS to spray a pair of heels. At eight bucks for a fairly small can, that's a pretty spendy DIY project. Or at least it was spendier than I wanted to make it.

I only bought one can and hoped for the best. My sparkly new shoes ended up costing less than 20 bucks, and I had enough product left to cover five large beads, which I turned into this:
Horrible picture, true, but you get the idea.

And seriously? The only place I will ever wear this OR the shoes is to a Democratic event. Or maybe a Fourth of July parade. But they're fun and different and for once I don't mind drawing attention to myself.

And if you don't know what that means, then welcome to my blog! You must be a Knit. Run. Reap. Eat. virgin!

Not sure how frequently (or if) I'll be updating over the next few days. But I'm quite sure I'll be having a good time. I hope your weekend is as fun as mine's going to be!


Winnie said...

Ok, the crafter in me is wanting those shoes! I am the glitter queen, and now want to spray stuff. The necklace turned out nicely too. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself. Love having time away with like minded people too.

MadAnne said...

How's that email list coming?