Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Politics has taken over my social-media life

I helped conduct a social-media workshop at the WVFDW annual meeting last weekend. There were three of us; my focus was Facebook. We didn't go into all the available social-media outlets, or we might still be there, talking to an empty room.

Much like Ted Cruz did most of the night. I couldn't watch.

So here it is, nearly 9 a.m., and I'm just now getting around to blogging. Because I've been twittering tweeting since 6:30.

Not everyone who registered for the convention attended our session. (We didn't expect that.) I hope the ones who opted out are already down with the Facebook and the Twitter, but I suspect those who chose not to stay are the ones who don't even have computers.

Yes, there still are people who aren't online.

Those who did sit in seemed engaged and asked a lot of questions. I helped a couple women set up a Facebook page for their group.

And I learned a lot about Twitter.

I've had an account for a couple years, but I rarely ever look looked at it. Now, though? I. Can't. Stay. Away.

So I added a little Twitter button over there on the right, and if you'd like to read snarky liberal comments, follow me. That's mostly what I've been retweeting. (Wow. No autocorrect on the word retweeting.)

Photo session is this afternoon. Stay tuned for progress pictures tomorrow.

If I can tear myself away from the little blue bird.

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