Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thank goodness every day has a reset button

So I woke up yesterday, made coffee (Target's limited-edition Candy Corn flavor, mmmm) and opened up the laptop. Cruised Facebook, read e-mail, wrote yesterday's posts. Ate a couple hard-cooked eggs and had one of those little dizzy spells again.

My plan for yesterday was to run the vacuum cleaner and do some general tidying up. My husband took my blood pressure and suggested I just rest.

Run the vacuum or rest? You do the math.

We were supposed to go to a visitation last night for a neighbor who died suddenly over the weekend, and I felt well enough to go after resting all day. But it was warm and I was a tad overdressed and I ended up having to set a spell (heh, can you tell I've lived in West Virginia for a while?) while we waited to pay our respects.

Our neighbor had been our county sheriff in the 1980s, owned his own farm equipment business and was a Field Auditor for the state treasurer. He was well-liked, a true character, one of a kind and will be very much missed. We stood in line for more than two hours. So I guess it was all right to sit for a little bit.

And I'm fine this morning, so far.

While I was resting, I played a lot of Imperial Mahjong read a couple days' worth of blog posts, including Mark's Daily Apple, in which he addressed the question of eating too few calories. And, as I alluded to Monday, I think I probably am. Well, to be fair, on Monday I thought my daily food intake was fine. But clearly I was thinking about whether I might need to up the calories a bit. I'm going to add a handful of almonds to the typical daily ration. That'll put me at or slightly over 1200 calories per day.

So we'll see what happens. Rebooting frequently cures what ails my smartphone. Maybe it'll help my body, as well.


Winnie said...

I am glad you are feeling better today. I know my hubby (then thin one of this couple)will get dizzy when he hasn't had enough to eat (always has a lot in my opinion, but burns it like kindling!). I know you are excercising, so maybe a few more calories won't hurt. I know for me the heat makes me dizzy, and have had two spells on the train this summer that scared the daylights out of me. Take good care!!

Winnie said...

PS. I meant to ask, one time I visited WV with my late hubby as we drove south. We came across a Golden Delicious Apple festival there. I have never seen a festival specific to a type of apple, is that common throughout the state, or just a local town thing? NY is big on apples, but never had one variety singled out. The things I think of.....

Debbi said...

I didn't know there was a Golden Delicious apple festival here. Nor do I think specific variety festivals are all that common. Looks like Clay County is the birthplace of the Golden Delicious, so I guess that's a pretty good reason to have that festival:

Winnie said...

That explains it! I am going to dig out my postcards, as I know there was a postcard from there with a fabulous apple crisp recipe if I recall. Soon it will cool off enough to turn on my oven. Thank you!