Saturday, September 7, 2013

To i or not to i?

In less than a month, I can get a new phone. Which will be AWESOME, because my Motorola Electrify has been getting wonkier and wonkier as it ages. The battery dies far too quickly when I'm out and about. It occasionally freezes. Texting has started getting problematic, in that texts have to be resent.

I realize GPS apps drain the battery, but seriously? I think I should still have a little life left after a two-hour walk.

Rumor has it that my wireless carrier will be selling iPhones later this year. Actually, it's more than a rumor. U.S. Cellular announced in May that they will definitely be offering Apple products this fall. No firm date for the launch. However … fall begins here in the northern hemisphere September 22. 

But. Do I want an iPhone? I'm happy with the Android platform, but I can see advantages to having an iPhone since I also have an Apple laptop. Syncing my contacts and calendar would be nice. If that's possible to do between a Mac and a 'Droid, I haven't figured it out.

And I definitely like the iPhone camera (I've used my son's). Since I take a lot of photos that would be a definite plus.

I feel kind of guilty that this is my current dilemma. With the United States poised to lob missiles in Syria and Congress still trying to dismantle Obamacare and apathy and homelessness and unemployment and, and, and … deciding which new cell phone to buy seems kind of frivolous and oh-so-materialistic.

But, it's my blog and I'll be self-centered if I wanna. Wouldn't want to change it up now, would I? Heh.

P.S. As both of you know, I check my weight daily. Let's hope this morning's number wasn't a fluke. And let's hope another pound vanishes before the official Monday-morning weigh-in. That is all.


jen said...

I love my iPhone -- I have the 4S. I don't love it as a phone but mostly as a mini computer. The other option would be to see what Droids have the best battery life. Congrats on the good number!

Vickie said...

Husband and son love theirs. Waiting for really good packaged plans so the other three of us can get them too.