Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I spent Monday afternoon lifting, moving and assembling the new furniture we got for our tiny TV room. I felt pretty good yesterday, maybe a little sore but not bad. This morning, though? O. M. G. My shoulders and upper back are really ouchy!

Might be an Aleve day.

We're happy with our decision to go for lower-priced but nice-looking-and-comfortable chairs from Target. They just fit in the space. There's no way any of the super-sized chairs from the grown-up furniture store would have worked.

The lid of the bench lifts for storage – my husband is using his half for current reading material and mine will have a knitting project. Or two. The chair is very comfortable for knitting.

That's important.

My husband thought we'd have to get some kind of new window treatment. The former loveseat upholstery matchy-matched that drapery fabric. I like it the way it is and don't plan to replace it. I do plan to paint the walls, probably some kind of coffee-with-cream color. Or maybe red.

Now that I've been up for a while, my muscles aren't quite so achey. Coffee cures all ills and heals all wounds.

And now, it's time for bacon and eggs and more coffee and a no-rain dance to get through what I hope will be a walk with Lynne this afternoon. We're supposed to meet at 1 p.m., and it's not looking good at this point. That could change, though. It was supposed to freeze overnight and that didn't happen.

But the lemon and lime trees have been moved indoors for the winter, just in case.


Vickie said...

Cute and practical. My youngest has a bench like that in her homework spot and it is great for her supplies.

Hils said...

What a cozy, homey setup! I love a good storage ottoman/bench, and the chairs look just-right-sized.