Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some days …

there's just not much to write about. But if you're participating in NaBloPoMo, you have to write something. 

I try to stay positive. I'm a glass-half-full kinda gal, and almost always have been. When I see something uplifting on Facebook, for instance, I share it. I try not to spread negativity and fear. Faux Noise does plenty of that, and I don't want to play their game.

When someone asks where I go to church (it's a southern thang, people seem to think your faith defines you), I say, "Kindness is my religion."

But I'll tell you what. I could punch a few Tea Partiers, Republicans and, yes, even Democrats right about now.

Probably I ought to go back to bed.

Or take a walk.

P.S. Jen, I replied to your comment yesterday, hope you saw it.

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