Tuesday, November 26, 2013

About that weather …

Weather map shows rain and more rain. But ice is predicted for later and snow for tomorrow.
My holiday trip begins at dawn o'clock Thanksgiving morning and I'm heading south. The forecast for two days from now is cold and sunny.

I hope it's right.

It was so cold Sunday I worked out on the elliptical. Managed to stay on for 85 minutes, which just might be a record. I waited until 3-ish yesterday to walk outdoors. It was still chilly, but I bundled up and did six miles. My outer layer was a BRIGHT gold sweatshirt, the better to deflect stray bullets.

Buck season began yesterday. The hunters can have at 'em this year. No longer are deer the cute furry little Bambis I used to catch fleeting glimpses of when I moved here 16 years ago. They are now pests, brazen and bold and not a bit shy.

There will, from the looks of that map, be no outdoor walking today. I'll have to find something fascinating to watch on television while I'm on the elliptical. Two recorded episodes of The Biggest Loser did the trick Sunday. Maybe a movie today …

It's a great day to throw a bunch of ingredients in the slow cooker and go do something else. Ellipticalling would not be my first choice of activity, but it's definitely on the to-do list. Christmas is coming, have you heard? I could probably knock a couple things off the gift list if I got the sewing machine out.

How about you? Is your shopping done? Or are you a handmade holiday kinda person? I'm a little of both, more shopping this year than in years past. I think I'm going to brave a couple stores on Black Friday as I make my way home.

Not. Looking. Forward. To. That.

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