Sunday, November 17, 2013


So my husband and I were sitting in our little media TV room watching football, as you do on a Saturday afternoon, when we heard a loud BONK! at the front door.

We don't live in a nice, orderly neighborhood of houses lined up beside each with sidewalks out front. As both of you know by now, we live in the Middle of Nowhere. In order for someone to toss something at our front door, that someone would have to walk up a fairly long driveway. You can't even see our house if you're coming up our road from the east.

My husband went to investigate and found that a little bird had knocked itself out. At first we thought it was dead, but it was still breathing shallowly. I grabbed a pair of garden gloves, thinking I would move it to a safer spot (out of Hershey's range) until it was ready to fly again.

This isn't the first time a bird has crashed into our front door and survived. In fact, they've all survived, to the best of my recollection, one or two each year.

As I cupped my gloved hands around the limp little body, it suddenly sprang to life and flew into our house through the open front door! Color us surprised! It landed on the sheer curtain at one of the sliding glass doors in the living room, clinging for all it was worth.
I'm not dead. I'm just napping here on this lady's curtain ...
My husband went to find a fishing net, but returned from the garage empty-handed. Much more carefully this time, I secured it with my hands and took it back outside, where it flew off into a pine tree.

That was seriously the most exciting thing that's happened here in the MofN in quite a while. Well, not counting Thursday.

It's a yellow-bellied sapsucker. All this time I've been calling these little guys woodpeckers, but my Facebook friends ID'd it for me.

Moving on.

seriously want a piece of bread, which in paleospeak means I WANT A MUG MUFFIN. This is the last day of the second week of the second Whole 30. I didn't feel this way first time around, because I'd never had the deliciousness that is a mug muffin during the initial Whole 30.

I'm going to try reallyreallyREALLY hard to stay the course today, since tomorrow is the weekly scale date. Thursday's gift information has come and gone, as I thought it might, but I'm still below last Monday's number.
Downward is the trend I'm looking for; doesn't have to be dramatic, just down.

We travel tomorrow and will return Wednesday. Since it's the official NaBloPoMo month, I'm going to do my best to write some kind of drivel each day, even though I don't usually when I'm out of town. Time to suck it up. In more ways than one.


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Toledo Lefty said...

Poor little bird. Can you put one of those hawk stickers on your door so birds don't kill themselves on it?