Sunday, December 15, 2013

Heading out

We're heading out to visit grandchildren (and their parents) and heading back home again, all in the same day. It will be approximately twice as much driving as visiting, but worth every second behind the wheel to see them all again.

We missed seeing the littlest one this fall, as she and her mother were traveling when her dad and big brothers came here. I saw a recent picture of her yesterday, and she's grown so much since the last time we saw her, in the spring.

My husband and I like to think we're much better grandparents than we were parents. Of course, grandparenting is easier: You can give them back at the end of the day! Heh. Speaking only for myself, though, I was way too young to be a mom when that happened, and went strictly on instinct.

My children turned out well – mostly thanks to their dad and stepmother – but the fact that we have good relationships with each other now speaks well of my grabbing the chance to turn my life around. Too late for their childhoods, but not too late for their children's.

At any rate … have a good Sunday. Hopefully I'll have something more fun to write about tomorrow. I'm not sure how this turned into such a somber post.

I never plan these things in advance. Because I'm impulsive like that!


Vickie said...

I always appreciate that you are honest about your past, give your ex and the kids credit, and take responsibility.

My mother does not do any of that AND MY KIDS SEE IT. Which impacts her relationship with them. No one could make her understand that in a million years. I am not talking about my bad mouthing her and that impacting kids. My kids see her as phony (because she does not take responsibility) and keep their distance.

Toledo Lefty said...

Enjoy your visit to your family!