Monday, December 9, 2013

I hate when that happens

Woke up at o'dark o'clock, glanced over at the digital clock and … nothing. All I saw was black. And that can mean only one thing: No electricity.

I grabbed my phone (to use as a flashlight) and got up, stepped on the scale – lost a pound, yay me! – and then went back to bed until dawn broke. Lit one of the oil lamps and sat in the den, knitting peacefully until it was fully light outside.

I've no idea when we lost power, only that it was sometime between midnight and 5:00-ish, when I first woke up. All the electronic devices began beeping and blinking about an hour ago.

I was reminded again of how much more comfortably I can endure an outage during cold weather as opposed to hot, as it was during the derecho. As the house got colder, I added more layers and was able to stay almost comfortable. I didn't for one minute worry about losing food from the freezer. The biggest hardship was that we hadn't stashed enough coffee in the Thermos before we went to bed.

We thought we'd dodged a bullet when we still had power last night.

That'll teach us!

At any rate … back-to-normal is find and dandy with me. I'm debating about taking a walk or a nap.

But first, I'm having another cup of HOT coffee.

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