Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's the little things

Little things like actually being able to face a bacon-and-eggs breakfast again, after a couple days with an icky tummy.

My husband and I went shopping yesterday and I could barely touch lunch while we were out. But whatever I had, it's gone now and I'm glad of it. I just took a very short walk outside and am ready to hunker down to watch football and wait for the storm.

Yes, the ice storm cometh. And it's cometh-ing from the west, as our weather usually does. If you've already experienced it, I hope your power stayed on. That's my biggest concern, especially in winter. I plan to make a big pot of beef stew and a meat loaf this afternoon, either of which could be eaten cold if necessary.

It's also the little things like fixing something that's been annoying the CRAP out of me for far, far too
long. The photo shows an antique storage cabinet we rescued from my mother-in-law's basement, a piece that used to hold first-aid supplies and equipment in her husband's doctor's office. I stuffed it with Dollar Store baskets and use it to store toiletries.

Every time I opened the door it wobbled. And every time it wobbled I would think to myself, "Self … you need to fix that." But fixing it meant sticking a piece of cardboard under the offending leg, and I didn't really want a temporary solution.

So today I took a look at the casters and realized all I had to do was rotate the too-short one, extending its length enough that it met the floor squarely.

Problem solved.

May all my obstacles be so easily overcome.

And yours, as well! What's that one little naggy thing that's bugging you? Take 10 minutes to assess the situation and, if possible, FIX IT.

I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

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Vickie said...

Love the cabinet.