Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday. Again.

I woke up SO EARLY this morning. I've been drinking coffee and cruising my favorite web pages (which would be craftgawker, Pinterest and Facebook) since 4:30 a.m. Oh, and I also cyber-shopped for one more Christmas gift.

So it's Monday, and you both know what that means. One daily weigh-in this week was spectacular, giving me lots o'hope. That loss (last Wednesday) was gone – poof! – by Friday morning (thank you, Thanksgiving dinner!), but I did manage to shed one pound this week, for a total this year of 54.

To recap: I lost 5 in September, ZERO in October and 2.5 in November. Eleven to go. LoseIt! now predicts I'll make my goal January 23, but that's based on losing 1.5 pounds a week.

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

And I'm not being negative, just realistic. It's December, and while the weather outside is not especially frightful this week … well, it's December, and frightful weather will most likely be happening at some point. Indoor workouts may theoretically burn more calories, but I'm less likely to do them than I am to just get outside for a walk.

Which I will be doing every day this week. Even the overnight lows are supposed to be above freezing. Every time I cut parsley from the herb garden I think it'll be the last harvest of the year, but it bounces right back after a day in the sun.

Also, it's December, and there will be events over which I have no food control.

Tonight, for instance, I'm installing officers in one of the Democratic women's groups in my district. I have a board meeting/luncheon next Sunday. A week from Wednesday my husband and I are going to an advocacy training meeting at which dinner will be provided. There's a little bit of a break and then comes a Christmas Eve open house and Christmas Day dinner (not sure if that will be here at home or at a restaurant). I'll be out of town the weekend following Christmas and then on New Year's Eve I'm making real Hoppin' John – with black-eyed peas, which will be the first legume I've consumed since April.

But I can't start the new year without Hoppin' John. Heh.

Therefore, if I lose any weight at all, given how s-l-o-w-l-y it's coming off now that I'm nearing my goal, it will undoubtedly be a Christmas miracle!

Commenting on the comments:

Gingerzingi, the "If You Give a Mouse …" stories (there are many variations) are much like the book you remember. Very entertaining way to teach kids the concept of consequences.

And Kitten, I'm really sorry I even ventured inside that Kohl's. What IF nobody went to a Black Friday? Wouldn't that be amazing? But I can't imagine it, the advertising is just too juicy and we're such good little consumers. I'm as guilty as anyone. I'd just rather consumer at my laptop in my jammies.

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Vickie said...

I truly wish NO ONE had gone to the stores that opened before midnight on Thanksgiving night, because the fact that stuff started opening at 6pm that night, really bothered me.